Is it safe if i have never been before?
We take first timers all the time, we give a full safety briefing befor ethe tour and the Tour guides are fully qualified for the activity they are taking you on, be it rafting or canyoning.
I can't swim, will i be ok?
As part of the equipment we give you will be a life jacket to help you float in the water.
I'm not so strong, is that ok?
Thats fine, rafting is a team sport and the river does most of the work, with canyoning we use the water and gravity to move through the course.
I'm having my period, can i participate?
Sure, no problem. We recommend you bring a tampon instead of a sanitary napkin as you will probably get wet during the tour.
How old do i have to be to come on a tour?
Our minimum age is 15 for most of our tours, however family rafting starts from 12, but we would like every child aged under 15 to be acompanied with an adult.
If it rains will the tours stop?
All our tours are water based activities and we generally get wet so even if it is raining it doesn't really matter. In fact its a great way to spend a rainy day. Our river is controlled by the Samuera dam so flash flooding doesn't occur.
What happens if there is a typhoon?
We are always keeping a close eye on typhoons and the river level, we will keep in touch if we are concerned that we can't run a tour and if we cancel we will give a full refund.
How long do we spend on the river?
Our half day course takes about 2hrs and the full day course spends around 4-5hrs on the water.
What should i bring?
Swimming suit, to be worn under wetsuit, if you forget or don't have a swimming suit you can use your underwear as they wont be seen once you are changed.
Towel, for after tour to get dry.
Shoes, ones that are ok to get wet (only rafters), normal sneakers ok (as long as they have good grip) if its a sandal make sure they fasten from the back (so they cant fall off easily) and thin sole at the heel. Please don't bring crocs as they come off easily.
Sunscreen, face, neck, and arms remain exposed to the sun once changed.
What do i do if i have no swimsuit?
It's ok to wear your underwear as we give you a wetsuit so everything will be covered.
Can I wear contact lenses?
Sure, however they may get lost so we recommend you bring replacements if this happens (the guide has pockets) or wear goggles.
How many people in a raft?
Most of our boats take seven customers, and a guide.
Do we have to share the raft with others?
Yes, we ask you to share with others as we can only fit seven customers in a boat, if your group number is different than that we may ask you to share or split your group to accommodate the amount of rafts on the water.
If our group numbers are between 8 – 13 people and we don't want to share the boat what do we do?
We will ask you to pay for the remaining empty seats to confirm a private boat. Or we will ask you to share with others to optimize the boats between the customers. We try to keep groups of friends together.
What is the cancellation fee? Even if i am changing the number of people coming?
If you advise us of the change in numbers 7 (1 week) before your tour we will offer a full refund. Please refer to the details below. Please note the following charges as these are the cancellation fees.
  • 8 days prior → 0%
  • 7 days to 2 days before → 30%
  • 1 day → 50%
  • On the day day → 100%
If we, Happyraft cancel the tour, due to weather or unforeseen circumstances we will give a full refund of the tour price.
If it's on the day of the tour and it's raingin can I cancel?
Sure, however we will not refund your tour cost. 100% cancellation fee.
On the tour day, if my period begins can i cancel?
Sure, however we will not refund your tour cost. 100% cancellation fee.
What refund do I get if Happyraft cancels the tour?
If Happyraft cancels the tour, for what ever reason we will refund the full tour price.
I'm a repeater customer whats happens with the ¥1000 cash back?
Everyone pays the full tour cost, when you book in on the day of your tour we will ask to see your repeater card and stamp it, you will then receive ¥1000 cash back. Don't forget your repeaters card, if we can't stamp it we can't give you ¥1000 cash back.
What happens if i forget my members card on the day of my tour?
We are sorry if you forget your members card, but if we can't stamp your members card we can not give you the ¥1000 cash back. (ps, don't forget your members card)
I'm driving by car, what do i type into my navigation system?
Please type in JR Tosaiwahara, you will see the signs for direction when you get close to the train station, if you input Happyraft and our phone number you may end up at our old base as we have recently moved.
I'm driving to Happyraft, is there free car parking?
Yes, we have free car parking and bus parking available, please inform us when you are booking your tour so we can make sure there is enough room in the carpark.