Privacy Policy

Personal information Protection Policy

Limited Company Happy Raft (Hereafter Happy Raft) will bide by the following usage policies regarding the handling of personal information. By the use of this website, the user agrees to the same policies. (Any revisions in policy shown at the time of use will take precedence.)

Handling of Personal Information

  1. Protection of Personal Information
    Happy Raft will use appropriate management based on the following policies when handling the personal information of the user.
  2. Contents of Personal Information.
    Regarding this policy, information required by Happy Raft for services to be provided (name, age, sex, address, phone number, fax number and or e-mail address, any other information deemed necessary by Happy Raft) shall be classed as Personal Information.
  3. Happy Raft will use the Personal Information provided by users for the following purposes.
    [1] Scheduling, providing and management of tours.
    [2] In order to inform users of products and services recommended by Happy Craft.
  4. Disclosure to third parties.
    Personal Information provided by users shall only be used by Happy Raft and shall not be disclosed to any third parties without the consent of the user. However, in cases where the courts, the public prosecutor`s office, the police department request the personal information of users, there may be cases where this information shall be disclosed.
  5. Disclosure of statistical information.
    Happy Raft may disclose to cooperative businesses statistical information that shows the general tendencies but not personal information of users.
  6. Regarding Cookies
    This website uses cookies which users may turn off the in “browser settings”. Please understand that this shall restrict the user from certain products and services.
  7. Review・Correction・Deletion
    Regarding the review, correction, deletion of personal information provided. Once it has been confirmed that the request is from the user, Happy Raft will take action in a prompt manner. (If costs are incurred, these costs may be passed on to the user). In addition, action taken shall be of a nature that Happy Raft believes to be within a scope deemed reasonable. Please understand that once personal information has been deleted, the user shall lose access to certain products and services. Please direct any questions and requests regarding the handling of personal information to the contact details below.
    Limited Company Happy Raft
    Tel:0887-75-0500 【e-mail】 Representative Treston Sachi
  8. Regarding notification of changes.
    Happy Raft may make changes to clauses of this policy without notification based on the needs of the company, in order to adhere to new laws and other certain circumstances. Users shall be informed of any changes made through this website. When using this website, please check the most up-to-date information on this page.