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on the Yoshino River in Shikoku (Tokushima and Kochi)

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Happy Raft has been operating in the Yoshino River since 2004 in Shikoku Island (Tokushima and Kochi).
Yoshino River is one of Japan’s most exciting river with grade 4 rapids. The rafting guides at Happy Raft are trained and experienced professionals and many are fluent in English.

Four main types of activity that can be experience

Rafting - Canyoning - Packrafting (in customised tours) - Trekking

Rafting is the most popular activity at Happy Raft and we offer several tours to meet the various demands (age, intensity) of our customers.


Rafting is the most popular activity at Happy Raft and we offer several tours across the  river with different intensity to accommodate customers from various  age groups. 

Canyoning tour at Happy Raft features gliding down natural waterslides, descending down majestic waterfalls up to 40 meters and beautiful sceneries in the Japanese forest

If you want both Rafting and Canyoning, the Combo tour is for you! Check out the Combo Tour Menu for more information.

On our customised tours, you can experience the rapids more intensely in a single-seater boat (packraft) or in a small raft boat!
Trekking is also available as part of the community development project.



Challenge Japans' best world-class rapids of the ""Yoshino River"" in Shikoku, rafting through amazing scenery >For more information



Jump,Slide,Fly down waterfalls in a canyon with just your body, a rope and harness ! Natural water slides. in a truly amazing place.



Try out the single-seater boat. If you're active, and like the idea of steering yourself down rapids then packrafting is for you. Start with small rapids! Choose from our customized tours.



Right on our doorstep is a great little trekking course that we have developed in conjunction with the local people.Winding through the local farms the course climbs up the Iwahara mountain offering great views of the valley and secret waterfalls and swimming spots. This is a hidden gem and guaranteed to get away from the crowds.

Custom Tour

Why Happy Raft?

About Happy Raft

Guides and staff

Experienced and friendly guides and staff who love the Yoshino river and living in Shikoku.

All of our guides are qualified to guide in Japan and abroad. Let our fun-loving friendly guides show you an amazing time on one of our exciting adventures.

There are many English-speaking guides and staffs available so don't be shy if you can't speak Japanese.

For more information, click here.


Wide variety of tours

Family tours for adults too / Canyoning

Gentle tours for families with kids over the age of 3 can join the Otoyo Family Tour. Kids in primary schools can experience the Oboke Family Tour with thrilling rapids . For junior high school students and above, Koboke Long Tour with the most intense rapids in Japan (Tokushima Koboke Course) is our recommendation. Don't miss Happy Raft's customized tours authentic canyoning and packraft tours where you can challenge the rapids in a one-person boat!

Homemade bagel lunch

Homemade bagels are addictively delicious♪

Homemade bagels are baked at Happy Raft. Our one day tours and combos includes all you can eat bagel sandwiches with ham, cheese and tuna. Come and try our bagels at the cafe inside the base.


Fantastic old farm houses nestled in the hills.

The guesthouse - an old farmhouse -is like a hideaway, tucked away up a mountain road surrounded by trees about 10 minutes from Happy Raft. The guesthouse is managed by HappyRaft staff, so we will do our best to ensure your stay is pleasant and comfortable. Currently available for private hire for one group. Please enjoy the quiet and peaceful place.


Clean and stylish facilities. A great place to relax.

HappyRaft is a beautiful open space overlooking the Yoshino River.

In spring, the view of cherry blossom trees and the Yoshino River is beautiful. In summer, the open space with a refreshing breeze passes through the sparkling green mountains. Created by local people and staff -custom built as a place where guides and clients can relax together. Stick around after the tour, grab a coffee or a cold drink, and enjoy the exotic atmosphere of the HappyRaft base. Easy parking right next to the base! One-minute walk from JR Tosa-Iwahara train station.


Repeater benefits

Tour discounts & points accumulation for special offers!

Show your membership card and get a discount on tours! Also, collect stamps for each tour. Get all sorts of benefits. When your regular member's card is full, you can get a Silver Card And the next one will be upgraded to Gold Card! You can get a present of tour photos and more! You can also get a tour photo as a present and other benefits. Now you can become a Happy Maniac too!

Enjoy your trip more!

Discover the best places to have fun in the neighbourhood♪

Happy Raft's commitment to the environment (SDGs)


Happy Raft plans and operates rafting and other hands-on outdoor activities along the Yoshino River in Kochi and Tokushima prefectures in Shikoku, Japan.

Why is rafting on the Yoshino River so much fun? Why is rafting on the Yoshino River so much fun? It is because of the rich nature of the Yoshino River here in Shikoku. However, the reality is that our activities have an undeniable negative impact on the natural environment. We believe that we, the beneficiaries of this rich nature, have a responsibility and duty to protect it and pass it on to the next generation.

The SDGs are not only a global movement among large corporations and nations, but also a small organization like ours must actively take action and communicate our message so that our future children will not be left to take the brunt of our current actions. We believe that this will lead to “not passing on the blame for our current situation" to our future children.

Three SDGs that Happy Raft is working on

We believe that “river" and “water" are deeply related to these three goals.

We will continue our activities to protect these “rivers" and “water.

Let's leave a cleaner Yoshino River for future generations than it is now!

Happy Raft is barrier-free!

Restrooms and changing rooms are wheelchair accessible

Experience is also available for people with disabilities.

Rafting is often thought of as a strenuous activity.
In fact, there are cases (courses) where you will have to paddle hard and be swept away, but it is possible to avoid such situations depending on how you do it (not 100% guaranteed, but it is the same for the general public).
(There is no 100% guarantee, but that is true for the general public as well.)
We have had many customers with hearing/visual/motor/mental disabilities experience rafting with Happy Raft.
Please contact us and we will be happy to tailor the rafting experience to your disability.
Please feel free to contact us.
*Wheelchair-accessible toilets and private rooms are equipped with handrails.
*Both men's and women's changing rooms are wheelchair accessible.
*We can prepare gender-free changing areas other than men's and women's changing rooms. Please feel free to ask.

Let's try rafting together!

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