Frequently asked questions.

About the tour

I am not a great swimmer, is that ok?

Don't worry. Just make sure you listen to your guide's safety briefing before the tour!
Our guides are experienced and qualified RAJ (Rafting Association of Japan) river guides and will ensure that you have a fun and safe tour. Also, you will wear a life jacket and wet suit so you can float even if you can't swim.

I'm not confident about my fitness, is that okay?

Yes, you will be fine! In the rapids, we row the boat together, but in slower currents, we can swim and descend at a more leisurely pace.
Even if you are not confident about your physical fitness, you can enjoy this activity.

At what age can I join a rafting tour?

You can join the tour from the age of 3 years (minimum weight 13 kg)!
However, children under 15 years of age must be accompanied by a parent or guardian.

If it rains, will the tour be cancelled?

The tour will go ahead as long as there are no heavy rain or flood warnings or the water level does not exceed the upper limit according to safety standards.
Rafting is a sport that can be enjoyed in the rain! You're going to get wet anyway, so let's get wet and have fun!
The Hayamoura Dam upstream controls the amount of water, so there is no need to worry about flash floods.

What happens to the tour during a typhoon?

When a typhoon is approaching, we will keep in touch with our clients for 2~3 days in advance to see where the typhoon is going. If the tour is cancelled by HappyRaft due to warnings or weather conditions, the tour fee will be refunded in full by bank transfer.

What items should I bring with me?

  Towels are not available for rent. No rental, but available for sale (500 yen).
Swimsuits (to be worn under the wetsuit, underwear is also acceptable)
*No rental or sale.

〇Shoes that can get wet … Athletic shoes or sandals with heels.

【 Crocs are not allowed.】
*Rental (300 yen per pair) available. (No prior reservation required, please ask at the registration desk on the day of the event.)
〇Sunscreen (if necessary)
Straps or contacts if you wear glasses (a spare would be helpful) *They may be damaged or lost. Disposable contacts are recommended for contact wearers.
 *Rafting equipment (wetsuits (weight 13 kg to XXXXL), helmets, spray jackets, life jackets, fleece and paddles) will be provided by Happy Raft.
These are all listed above, but as long as you have a swimsuit or a change of underwear, the rest is available for rent or for sale.

What if I do not have a swimming suit?

You can wear underwear. You can wear a wetsuit over it, so you won't see it.

What should I do if I wear contacts?

Most contact users raft with their contacts on. However, we recommend disposable contacts as they can fall out. It is recommended that you bring a spare pair.

Do you share a boat with other customers?

The boat will accommodate a maximum of 7 persons plus 1 guide.
If you book a boat for more than 7 people, you may share the boat with other guests.
*Boat charter is also available (additional fee required).
Please contact us as soon as possible if you wish to charter a boat. Please contact us as soon as possible if you wish to charter a boat.

How many people fit on the boat?

The total number of passengers is 8: 7 guests + 1 guide.
If there are children below 4th grade, 8 persons may be allowed on one boat.

We are a group of 8 to 13 people, can we stay on one boat?

No more than 7 people can be on one boat, so for groups of 8 or more people, the boats will be split up.
For a group of 8 people, there can be 4 people and 4 people, or 5 people and 3 people, or 6 people and 2 people, depending on the number of other people in the group that day, so we will let you know on the day.
If there are children below 4th grade, there may be 8 people on one boat.

Is it possible to have a barbecue for the group before or after the tour?

Yes, you can book a one-day barbecue at the Iwahara Shukatsu Centre, which is a 5-minute walk from HappyRaft. For more information, please click here.

Are there any other costs apart from the tour fee?

Rafting guide fees and equipment such as wetsuits are all included in the tour price, but if you do not have shoes that can get wet, you will need to pay 300 yen per pair for shoe rental.
Shoes can be anything like athletic shoes or marine shoes that can get wet & not come off. *Crocs are not allowed as they can easily come off.
Photos and videos taken during the tour are not included in the price and will be required separately if you wish to take them.
(Data for all photos and videos of the Koboke Long Rafting tour is 2,000 yen per group and 1,000 yen for other tours).

What kind of shoes should I bring?

Please bring shoes that you don't mind getting wet & that you can't take off!
For example, normal sports shoes or sneakers (surprisingly they are not slippery in the boat☆).
Sandals are possible as long as they are low-soled, non-removable shoes with a buckle on the heel. *Crocs are easy to slip off and should not be worn on the tour!
If you do not have such shoes or do not want to add to your luggage, rental shoes are available for 300 yen per pair. Reservations are not required in advance, but we do not reserve them. Please let us know when you register on the day.

Where is the meeting point?

The meeting point is at the Happy Raft base.

I am not taking part in the tour, is there a place I can wait?

You can wait at the Happy Raft base where we meet. 
The area around the base is full of nature, so it is a nice place to just wander around and take a walk.
There are also trekking trails, so please do not hesitate to go for a walk!

There is also a waterfall within walking distance, where you can swim and play.
Please note that you may not be able to wait in the reception area on busy days (Saturdays, Sundays, national holidays, and during the Bon Festival).
There are also places to play around HappyRaft.
Depending on the day, you may be able to try your hand at dyeing at Happy Raft.
For more information and other nearby places to play, please see ◎HERE◎.

How do I travel from the start and finish points?

The Happy Bus will take you to the start point and return you to the Happy Raft once you have reached the finish line, so there is no need for you to drive yourself.

Can I participate if I am menstruating?

Basically, yes.
We recommend using a tampon as a sanitary napkin will get wet.

Can I take my Gopro on tour?

You can bring your own waterproof camera, but we do not recommend it as it is often lost or broken and may cause injury.

During the tour, our guides bring waterproof digital cameras to take photos and videos. When there are many boats, we also take pictures from land with a telephoto camera.
After the tour, you will see a slideshow of the photos and videos, and if you wish, you can purchase a half-day camera for 1,000 yen or a full-day camera for 2,000 yen.

If you wish to bring your own Gopro, we have some helmets with attachments that you can use. However, please note that we may not have helmets in the right size. We cannot reserve helmets for you, so please do not inquire.

Please keep the helmets in your own safekeeping. We will not compensate for any lost or broken helmets, so please be aware of your own responsibility and make your own decision.

I am quite large, will my wetsuit fit?

We have wetsuits in sizes up to XXXXL, so don't worry!

Our lifejackets also fit up to a chest measurement of 147cm!

Is it cold? In September, for example...

On hot days the water in the river is cold and refreshing.
If you feel chilly at the end of summer or beginning of autumn, wear a wetsuit with long sleeves and long trousers, and even if you feel chilly at first, have lots of fun and make a lot of noise to raise your body temperature and tension!

Morning or afternoon tour?

It depends on the weather, but you can do the tour in the morning and go to an onsen in the afternoon to relax, or you can play in the morning as a warm-up and then join the tour in the afternoon to play to your heart's content.

Will we still go rafting if it starts to rain?

Don't worry! Even if it rains, the guides at Happy Raft will keep you going!
In fact, the rain may even make it more exciting as the water level increases!

Can I join the Koboke Long Tour if I am a primary school student?

Sorry, no. The Koboke Long Tour is open to junior high school students and above.
However, the half-day Oboke tour also has some rapids and dives for you to enjoy to the fullest! We hope your children will step up to the challenge when they reach junior high school age again.

Are photos available during the tour?

Yes, our guides will cameras and there is usually a camera man for the tours as well. 

Booking, cancellation, payment and facilities

Cancellation charges

Cancellation charges will be incurred if you cancel or reduce the number of people booked within 7 days of the tour date for your own reasons.
Please note that the following charges will apply as cancellation fees

8 days before→ 0%.
7 to 2 days prior to the tour date→ 30%.
1 day before → 50%.
On the day → 100%.
Please change the number of people booked as soon as possible.
If the tour is cancelled by HappyRaft due to weather, water conditions or disasters, the tour fee will be fully refunded.

Can I cancel the tour if it rains on the day of the tour?

In that case, a cancellation fee (100%) will be charged on the day of the tour.

What happens to the tour fee if the tour is cancelled due to HappyRaft?

In this case, the tour fee will be fully refunded by bank transfer.

I have paid the fees but want to cancel. How can I get a refund in this case?

If you have paid by credit card
We will cancel your payment on the website and your request will be cancelled.

If you paid by bank transfer
We will refund your money by bank transfer. Please inform us of your refund account.

In the event of a cancellation fee, we will refund the amount deducted.

What should I do if I am a repeater discount holder when transferring the tour fee?

Repeaters are also asked to transfer at the normal rate. If you bring your member's card on the day of the tour, we will give you cash back on the spot at the reception desk.
Only those with a member's card are eligible for cash back. Non-members are not eligible.

What happens to my cash refund if I forget my membership card on the day of the tour?

No cash refund will be given if you forget your membership card. Please be aware of this.
There is no expiry date on the members' card, so please keep it in a safe place.

Does the repeater discount apply to bookings made through any website?

The repeater discount is only applicable to those who book through our website.

It does not apply to other websites (Jalan, Asobu, etc.).

How do I enter Happy Raft into my navigation system to drive to Happy Raft?

Please enter [Happy Raft GPS: 33.822793, 133.788581] or enter JR Tosa Iwahara Station and drive towards the station.
Please note that some navigation systems may take you to an old base or a road that goes around a mountain road if you enter 'Happy Raft' as your destination. Make sure you double check the route is on a highway and not a mountain pass road.

Can I cancel if I have my period on the day of the tour?

In that case, a cancellation fee (100%) will be charged on the day of the tour.

I would like to drive there, is there parking available?

Free parking is available.
There are spaces for 40 regular cars or 5 large buses.

Is there air conditioning in the guesthouse?

There is no air-conditioning in the guest house, but as it is in the mountains, it is cool with natural breezes and there are multiple fans in the rooms of the guest houses.

I am bringing BBQ food, how do I store the food during the tour?

Please bring your food in a cooler box. We can store it in a cool place while you go on your tour. 

When can I start booking via the website?

Six months in advance.
You can book over the phone any time!