Happy Raft

221-1, Ikadagi, Otoyo-cho, Nagaoka-gun, Kochi 789-0157, Japan
Tel: 0887-75-0500
Fax: 0887-75-0388
Opening hours: 8am - 6pm
Telephone reception: 6am - 8pm

By car


“If you are using a car navigation system
JR Dosan Line Tosa Iwahara Station
Search for Tosa-Iwahara Station on the JR Dosan Line. -You can see HappyRaft from the station.
Or enter (GPS: 33.822793, 133.788581).

Search by phone number, address, Happy Raft, etc.
Please note that searching by phone number, address, Happy Raft, etc. can lead to a series of problems, such as being directed to the old address of Happy Raft or to a diversion on a mountain road.

Also note that it is easy to miss the motorway exit!

If you are coming from Kochi City, Ehime or Kagawa, exit through the Otoyo IC tunnel.
If you are coming from the Tokushima Expressway, be careful as it is easy to miss the signboard at the Ikawa-Ikeda Interchange!

Please note that a substantial delay of 30 minutes or more from the meeting time will be treated as a cancellation on the day and a cancellation fee will be incurred.

The parking lot is large enough for 40 regular cars or 5 large buses.
The entrance to the Happy Raft building is just down the stairs from where you park your car."

Travel times from main areas

  • From Osaka 4 hours/li>
  • From Kobe 3 hrs/li>
  • 2 h 30 mins from Okayama/li>
  • 3 hours 30 minutes from Hiroshima/li>
  • From Tokushima 1 hr 50 mins/li>
  • 1 hour 40 minutes from Takamatsu/li>
  • From Matsuyama 2 hours



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Exit Tosa-Iwabara Station and walk left for one minute! Happy Raft is at the end of the road.



The nearest airfield is Kochi Ryoma Airport, about 1 hour by car or 2 hours by train.

  • From Tokushima Airport, 2 hours 15 minutes by car or 5 hours by train.
  • From Takamatsu Airport, 2 hr 15 mins by car or 4 hrs by train.

★Renting a car is the best way to travel around Shikoku.