What is Canyoning?

Originating from France this adventure sport revolves around descending small rivers or creeks through a Canyon. Becoming increasingly popular in Europe the United States and now Japan. This sport involves sliding down waterfall chutes, jumping into deep pools of water, zip lining across gaps, swimming and drifting through pools with the currents. Physical fitness is not a heavy requirement because gravity does most of the hard work. Come join us in our secret Canyoning location and enjoy the natural beauty and enjoyment of this exciting outdoor adventure.

Tour Feature

Tour Feature

Located deep in a valley that forms a tributary creek that then flows into the Yoshino river is our hidden “Flying Squirrel Canyon”. Where you will see our local natural beauty cascading over majestic rocks, experiencing native floral, fauna and wildlife. River trekking through the canyon, swimming, sliding, jumping, scrambling and navigating our way through the natural features of the “Flying Squirrel”. Sliding down steep rocks into emerald green water , zip lining across a 40m span make up some of the exciting adventures before completing the 3 hour course. Happyraft supplies all the required equipment to keep you protected and safe whilst friendly and entertaining guides make your adventure as safe and fun as possible.

Time line of Tour

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Time line of TourTime line of Tour

Tour Information

Canyoning Tour details

Age limits 13yrs and up, A hip more than 65cm “
children under 15 must be accompanied by an adult”
Cost ¥9,000(return customer -¥500)
Tour cost
Canyoning guide
equipment required for canyoning
Tour season From 1st of July to end of Seoptember
Time required 3 hours

AM:10:00 – 13:00, PM:14:00 – 17:00
Minimum customers 1
Meeting Times 9:45am or 13:45pm, start time occasionally changed by 30-60 min
Meeting Place Happyraft Base >> location details
Parking When making a booking please advise us of your transportation options. we can confirm we can accommodate your vehicle in our free parking area.
Changing rooms Male and Female
What to bring Swimsuit, towel. (You can rent it.)
Notes We have two Canyoning courses available to us, we reserve the right to choose the safest course depending on the weather on the day, Ninja Canyon and Flying Squirrel Canyon. Please note alcohol induced customers or hungover customers will be refused to join for safety reasons and no refund will be given. Please refer to our
>> cancellation policy

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Kanto Minakami Canyoning

Come canyoning in the Kanto area, mother nature just two hours from downtown Tokyo, with many canyoning courses to choose from you can decide by checking out the Canyons website here