Happy Base

Happy Base

The Happy baseThe Happy base

New Base

Finished for the 2012 season!

Overlooking the scenic Yoshino river. This custom made base has been set up to make your experience as smooth and comfortable as possible. With new amenities and larger changing rooms, we where thinking of you when we made it.
Easily located for our half day rafting, we drive to the top, and walk back from the goal point to get changed and talk up the rafting experience.

The Happy base
Custom designed for what we do. Using our local handy men and women we have made this building to make your day as simple as possible With ample parking for cars and or buses and convenient access just down the stairs come check it out and see for yourself.
The inside
Creating this building ourselves we have put in the things we wanted, bigger reception and more functional spaces to make your day more smooth. Theres some chill out hammocks and a beautiful view to look at. We can’t ask for much more.
Changing rooms and toilets
We spend a bit of time getting changed every day so we made an effort to make this part of the day as pleasant and roomy as we could. Convienient toilets and super clean we hope you like em.
We have even had comments about them from the local township about how shiny they are. 😉